Excellence is our promise. Service is our mission. Quality is our guarantee.

Our Managed Services

Give us a call, we will help you remotely. Monthly paid subscription, or ad-hoc: Pay per hour/half hour.

Our Internet Services

Tired of bad service? We supply fixed and wireless internet support.

We supply wireless internet; reputable, reliable services.

Our Hosting Services

Want a secure email address, linked to a domain, eg john@mydomain. co.za?

We supply wireless internet; reputable, reliable services.

Our Security Services

Cameras, remote and local viewing, from your pc, cellphone, tablet.

Our Sales and Repair Services

Pcs (new & refurbished, components & accessories, anti-virus, network solutions and components, wifi networks, routers.

Pc suddenly give up? We will repair it, and any components or accessories.

PLEASE NOTE: For new clients there is a software installation fee of R100 per home pc, and R150 per office pc.

Automated Remote Maintenance Software

What is Arms?

Software is installed onto your workstation which performs maintenance and system monitoring tasks automatically in the background without putting unwanted load on the workstation.

Benefits of ARMS

  • Automated Monitoring of workstations (Mainly Mon – Fri 07:00 – 17:00).
  • 60 minute notifications of workstation Status to our technicians via e-mail on their cell-phones.
  • Advanced Notification of certain hardware failures.
  • Notification of Automated backup Status where relevant.
  • Notification re Anti-Virus status (Mainly for VIPRE anti-virus).
  • Cost savings on Callouts and Onsite support.
  • Most of the support required by clients is for quick easy to fix problems.
  • Often costs are incurred when technicians have to go onsite to resolve these 5 minute issues.
  • With the maintenance software in place, we have the ability to remotely assist with these problems.
  • The normal charge of R100.00 travel time and an onsite callout support fee of R 400.00, will be replaced with a minimum of R 300.00 per callout. (Clients will be billed per half hour and not per hour).
  • You will receive a weekly report on the status of the Workstation Maintenance activities for your site.
  • Please take into consideration that there will be spurious error reports for the 1st week or two while we are fine tuning the reporting system.

This covers 3 aspects

  1. Maintenance and monitoring software
    The software then uploads reports to a “cloud based server”. This is secure, and the workstation is not accessible from the cloud based computers. We are notified by the cloud based system of statuses of the workstation, via email, or SMS or directly when we log onto the console located in the cloud.
  2. Managed anti-virus solution
    This software auto updates, scans and puts suspect files into quarantine, which we can manage from the cloud based console. This feature has the following benefits and features Allows us to manage infections via a web based cloud console.

    • Infections are quarantined automatically.
    • The software detects malware and viruses that other software cannot detect.
    • We can assess if the infections are a genuine threat or a false positive.
    • The software keeps track of the infections and we can report accordingly if requested.
    • We can notify clients of large scale infections.
    • The service is based on a monthly service which ends if you terminate our services.
    • You do not need to pay big once off annual renewal fees only the premium for each individual workstation.
  3. Licensed Remote Access Software (Team viewer with no time limit)
    The suppliers of the software are the owners of Team Viewer and the legitimate version of this software is installed onto the workstation as part of the maintenance solution. The benefit is that time outs no longer occur and the software does not expire after x amount of times used.


Managed Anti-virusR45.00 per PC per MonthR55.00 per PC per Month


Protection PackageR130.00 per PC per MonthR155.00 per PC per Month


Take Control Licensed SoftwareR50.00 per PC per MonthR60.00 per PC per Month
Remote support per 30 minR175.00 per PC per MonthR200.00 per PC per Month
Remote support per 60 minR350.00 per PC per MonthR400.00 per PC per Month


Remote SupportR140.00 per PC per MonthR155.00 per PC per Month


Full Remote Management Package (includes all the above)R250.00 per PC per MonthR295.00 per PC per Month
Take Control Licensed Software (no support rate charged)R50.00 per PC per MonthR60.00 per PC per Month
Remote support PackageR140.00 per PC per MonthR155.00 per PC per Month
Protection PackageR130.00 per PC per MonthR155.00 per PC per Month